Andreas im nationalen US Fernsehen PBS

Leider kann dieser Sender nur in den USA empfangen werden. Wir arbeiten aber daran, dass diese Fernsehsendung schon bald auch Europa gezeigt wird.


During the broadcast, Vollenweider will be in the studio with stories about his performances, latest, chart-topping CD VOX and upcoming spring tour.

The program will air nationwide on PBS stations starting this March. Please check local listings or contact your local PBS for details of the schedule.

A musical travelogue filmed around the world, THE MAGICAL JOURNEYS OF ANDREAS VOLLENWEIDER features renowned guest artists, including Carly Simon, Adullah Ibrahim, David Lindley, Carlos Nunez, Djivan Gaspayan and many others, demonstrating the universality of music and its ability to appeal and unite across cultures and languages. The concert special consists of performances filmed in the U.S., Europe and Asia, including the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival, performances at the Rockpalast-Festival in Germany, Tokyo's NHK Hall, his recent outdoor concert in the town square of Zurich, Switzerland for the Dali Lama's 70th birthday celebration, several full orchestral performances and studio footage.

Ausschnitt aus dem 1 stündigen Programm "the magical journeys of AV" auf dem US Fernsehsender PBS: Andreas mit grossem Orchester am zürcher "Live at Sunset" Festival. Das Programm wird von PBS ab März 06 in den USA national ausgestrahlt.